Allen Pinkerton Word Count: 1008 Allan Pinkerton , born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1819, emigrated to Chicago. He was America’s first “private eye.” A man of many contradictions, he was a conservative who strongly opposed slavery, a very cautious man who risked his life capturing criminals, a militant labor organizer who suppressed the labor movement, and fought for women’s rights to be detectives. During his twenty-eight year career as a private detective, Allan Pinkerton and his agency investiga
Women In The Civil War Word Count: 301 Women were a great effect in the civil war. Many women would disquise themselves as men or spies to fight in the war.Other women would be nurses,aides,and doctors on the battlefield. Women who were not part of the civil war still mad a great effect by manufacturing things to the war. Women as spies were particulary effective. The people they helped were very grateful.Belle Boyd a teenager known as La Belle Rebella was one of the most famous spies. after be