Currently, schools function off tax money that the government collects. However, often, this money is not enough to keep them functioning. They are forced to resort to other methods to pay for all their supplies. Although advertisement may not be ideal for an academic environment, the money that one can fundraise from these ads can benefit schools, ultimately having a positive impact on the students.
In the current world, advertisement is already seen everywhere. Whether it is in the front of a magazine, a billboard on a highway, or even television, it is something that teenagers find impossible to avoid. Because advertisement is so commonplace, it would be useless to prevent the use of it in school. Take for example a young teenager named Bobita attending Boblington Academy. Bobita sees advertisements every day in her life. Seeing them in school will not affect her academic learning because she is so used to their presence. Therefore, Bobita has learned to accept advertisements at her school. They allow her academy to raise the necessary money it needs to fund her classes. Advertisements at school will not prevent teenagers from seeing them in other places, meaning that there is no harm in allowing schools to advertise in order to raise money and fund classes.
Although strict, overly apprehensive parents may fear that advertising in a school is inappropriate for an academic environment and may harm students and the school atmosphere overall, they are overlooking the benefits that advertising can do. Not only can it help raise an enormous amount of money that can fund clubs, dances, and activities, but as mentioned previously, it will have little to no impact since teens already see advertising everywhere else. Schools are not provided much money from the government. Teachers are paid little, and clubs are cut because of lack of funding. Money from advertising can help improve the quality of the classroom experience and fix the monetary problems.
Schools facing financial problems will benefit greatly from being able to advertise in their facilities. It will provide them a new source of income that they can use to pay for their services. Due to the money it can provide and lack of effect it will have on teenagers attending, schools should be able to allow advertisements.