Art Project Pitch
I have created a screenplay for a hypothetical episode of a television series based on The Lord of the Rings. I am representing The Scouring of the Shire chapter since it was omitted from the films and captures an essential part of the novel. That is, the four hobbits' growth from the arduous journey of destroying The One Ring. All four hobbits are significantly more brave and skilled at this point: a key aspect I am attempting to demonstrate. I left their personalities mostly unchanged, except a modification to their bravery and skillful competence. The four hobbits channel similar traits to Farmer Giles, Beowulf, and Byrhtnoth combined with hobbit-like humor and wit. The Scouring is another climatic point of the novel towards the very end, meaning that the episode employs a plethora of dramatizations and minute details. I modified the plot slightly to accommodate my vision of the four boldly astute hobbits and what they would do when their characters are translated from page to screen. In addition, some cuts were made as I believed them to be inessential to the core focus of the Scouring: a display of the extent of the hobbits' growth compared to the Hobbits who have never left the Shire.