Billy Budd

Word Count: 1362

Characters Billy Budd- He is a bright-eyed,
twenty-one year old forewoman of the British Fleet. An
orphan, he is tall, athletic, friendly, innocent, and helpful. He
is a loyal friend, and a fierce fighter. All the officers like him
except for Claggart. Claggart- The Master-at-Arms that is
envious and jealous of Billy Budd. He is out to make Billy\'s
life miserable and is the cause of Billy Budd\'s execution.
Captain Vere- The Honorable Edward Fairfax Vere is a
bachelor of about forty. He has a nickname of "Starry
Vere." Captain Vere is forced to execute Billy Budd though
he knew of his innocence. But nevertheless Dansker- A
veteran sailor who has taken a liking to Billy Budd. Tells
Billy that Claggart doesn\'t like him. He is also one of the
most important members of the crew. Chapter\'s 1-7 Page\'s
1-27 The book starts out with the author remembering
seeing a handsome man many years ago. He is reminded of
this by the Handsome Sailor, Billy Budd. Billy is twenty-
one, a foretopeman of the British fleet who impressed
Lieutenant Ratcliffe of the H.M.S. Indomitable. Billy leaves
his ship the Rights of Man, and joins the H.M.S.
Indomitable. He is received well by the crew and they like
him lots. An officer asks him about who his parents are and
he reply\'s that he doesn\'t know. He was found in a basket
hung on a man\'s door handle in Bristol. Billy seems to be
practically perfect, but he does have one weakness. When
he is strongly provoked, he is inclined to stutter, or may even
become speechless. The author tells us of the uprisings in the
British navy. It is later called the Great Mutiny. They sail for
the Mediterranean and have an uneasiness about them as
they watch for signs of trouble or discontent. Chapter\'s 8-15
Page\'s 28-55 Billy had seen the gangway punishment, and
was determined that he would always perform his duties
well, and that his actions would never cause him to get yelled
at. Though he had made that resolution, he was occasionally
getting into slight trouble. He is confused by this, and goes to
Dansker, who seems to have taken a liking to him. Billy asks
him for his opinion, and he says that it is because Claggart
doesn\'t like Billy. That with all evidence to the contrary, he
despises him. The day after the discussion with Dansker,
Billy spills soup on the freshly cleaned deck just as Claggart
passes by him. Claggart notices that it was Billy that spilled
the soup, and only taps him lightly with his rattan. The book
seems to say that Claggart has an inborn wickedness in him.
Claggart and the Captain seem to be the only two on the
ship that can see the unique innocence in Billy Budd. This
perception aggravates Claggart\'s jealously even more.
Squeak has sensed Claggart\'s envy of Billy Budd, and
makes up mean names for him, which he tells Claggart are
the sort of things that Billy is saying about him. A few days
after he spilled the soup, someone was trying to wake him
by whispering in his ear. They said to meet on a secluded
platform on the deck. He hinted to what it was about. It was
very vague. When Billy went to meet the mysterious man, he
wasn\'t able to see his face because it was in the shadows,
but he could tell that the person was one of the
afterguardsmen. The sailor said that there was a gang of men
that were impressed into service just as Billy had been, and
he wanted to know if Billy wanted to join them. The sailor
offered Billy what looked like gold coins. Billy was angered
greatly by this, and stutters and threatens to throw the sailor
overboard. The sailor is offended and runs away. Chapter\'s
16-23 Page\'s 56-94 After the incident with the
afterguardsman, Billy tells his friend, the Dansker, some of
the details of what happened. Billy doesn\'t tell the Dansker
that it was an afterguardsman, and the Dansker says that
Claggart is out to get him. It makes Billy wonder what
Claggart has to do with all of it. Billy disregards what the
Dansker has told him about Claggart, even though the
master-at-arms acts weird around him sometimes. He
doesn\'t realize that beneath Claggart\'s calm surface, there is
a jealous man that is out to get him. A few day later,
Claggart approaches Captain Vere and tells him that one of
the sailors is a dangerous man who is planning something
dangerous among the crew. The Captain becomes impatient
with Claggart and interrupts him, demanding to know who
this dangerous sailor is. Claggart