Darnell Tillman
Play Review

The play I chose to see was the Fantastic k s. I enjoyed the play a lot . The Fantastic k s is a play about a boy and a girl whose fathers create a wall to keep them apart. Although the wall had served its purpose for many years, little did the boy and girl know that their fathers had staged a feud so that they would end up falling in love. This thrilling play/ musical had several interesting scenes. Something that really caught my eye was one certain scene when the boy and girl where in the moonlight and it started to rain, the lighting, singing, and over all effects were very intriguing.
The moonlight scene was one of my favorites because there were so many unexpected elements. The boy and girl sang the song "Soon Its Gonna Rain." As they sang water came down from the ceiling to make it as if it was actually raining. Also the live music was something else that really ma de the experience that enjoyable, it was nice seeing all the little details put into this scene and the overall play to make it so special.
As I mentioned earlier there was live music. The live music was a nice touch but sometimes distracted me from the actual play because I would find myself watching them preform instead of the play. I think that maybe if the lighting where the instrumentalist were was not as dramatic as it was then it wouldn\'t have been that bad, but the lighting was very bright and distracting. Although the live music was interesting and detail oriented I think it could have been set up better.
Another asset that I enjoyed about the play was in one of the scenes when it appeared that there was people coming out of a box. I thought it was creative that they made it seem as if these people lived in the box and how the play makers payed attention to detail. Something about the setup of the play that I think could have been better was that in some parts of the play I couldn\'t see the actors or barely hear what they were saying because there was props in the way and some of the times the actors and actresses were singing or talking their backs were turned to me so it was difficult to get the full experience.
One of my favorite parts of the play was when the two fathers hired a n abductor to abduct the girl and the plan was that the boy would save her life and they would for sure fall in love once and for all. The scene with the abductor had many different elements that made it an enjoyable scene. One of these elements included fire, and many different sounds and actions from the actors that really tied together the whole scene. This was also one of my favorite scenes because you could tell the actors and play makers really put a lot of thought and effort into every part of the scene.
This play was different from lot of other plays in the sense that there wasn\'t exact rooms or places the actors would go and you kind of had to imagine things and create in your head what you thought the scenery looked like, but also the lighting and music helped make it feel more real. For example a lot of the play took place in the backyards of the boy and girls house, but you couldn\'t actually see a backyard so when they were in the backyard there would be sounds of wind or the lighting would get really bright as if it was the sun. Since there was a limited amount of on stage props and structures every little lighting detail and sounds or noises really helped bring the play alive in my imagination.
Although the play did use a lot of lighting and sound element to bring the play to life there wasn\'t much technology incorporated, which was kind of nice because it made the play feel more authentic. For example there was live music and singing but in a