GreenPRO is happy to invite you to join us for Agfest field days which is a
three days event set to hold on the 4th, 5th and the 6th of May 2017. A
great way to spend a day, this annual event needs to be experienced, with
everything for the farm and the home of machinery. Agfest, Tasmania's
premier event, has the second highest attendance of all agricultural field
days in Australia. Agfest event is also a multi-award winning event and it
offers an excellent opportunity for our company to showcase its quality
products to thousands of people. We therefore extend an invitation to you
to become part of GreenPRO story.

Agfest features over 700 exhibitors and has something for everyone. The
attractions to be displayed in this events include agricultural machinery,
hardware and small framing equipment, automotive, clothing and home wares,
horticulture and viticulture and so many more. Being one of the biggest
events in the agricultural sector, Agfest provides GreenPRO the chance to
make strong and viable links with the public through our latest innovative
farming machineries. Being part of the field days will guarantee that our
products and services are seen by you and also large numbers of potential

GreenPRO is set to pull surprises at the Agfest event and ready to showcase
high quality equipment's. GreenPRO will be displaying a world first 100%
electronic and solar powered GI-160 Travelling Irrigator for you to try
which is an incredible development in farming technology. Be that as it
may, that is not all GreenPRO will be showcasing other farming equipment
such as the ATC Spray Trailer, and even the newly introduced Dam Pump
trailer. You wouldn't want to miss this fun filled three days events and we
will be glad to have you with us to enjoy the live entertainment and