I) Intro:
1) Topic Sentence: Christopher Nolan has been known for being a very talented director, and The Dark Knight, one of his most famous movie up to date, goes beyond my/our expectation.
2) Thesis Statement: As a top notch director, Nolan for sure knows how to give the audiences a good experience. There are so much to talk about The Dark Knight, but we will focus mostly on the characters development, the plot and the music.
II) Body:
1) Summary:
- Some basic infos about the movie, the characters or a brief summary of the plot for those who don't know much about Batman or the previous movie (don't spoil too much)
2) The characters development:
- Christian Bale did a good job at portraying the image of Bruce Wayne/Batman.
- Heath Ledger's Joker is a masterpiece and was perfectly executed. He's one of the best, if not the best Joker actor up to date. Kudos to Nolan for choosing the right actor for the role.
- Aaron Eckhart is a good Harvey Dent but nothing more.
- Even though Maggie Gyllenhaal is better than Katie Holmes in the previous movie, she could still do a lot to improve her character. Overall, she still did a good job developing Rachel.
- Michael Caine's Alfred and Gary Oldman's Gordon didn't appear that much on the screen, but they still did a solid job at their roles.
3) The plot:
- The plot was well-thought and was executed brilliantly by all the actors.
- The struggle between the good and the evil was portrayed multiple time through 3 characters Joker, Harvey Dent and Batman.
- The love triangle at the beginning of the film was enough to develop the characters but it wasn't too much to make the film felt bland.
4) The music:
- Hans Zimmer has delivered good music through almost all of Nolan's film, and The Dark Knight is not an exception.
- Compare to the previous film, the music in TDK is more anarchy and maybe a bit majestic.
- Combining with some breathtaking actions in the movies, the music was a great add-on that helped the audiences feel the disorganized of Gotham and the tightened of all the action scenes.
III) Conclusion:
1) Transitional Phrase:
2) Summary/Restate thesis: The Dark Knight is stunning in every aspect and exceeds all hype and expectation. I'd love to watch it again with my friends, and you should do it too. It's a masterpiece.