Identify, analyze and discuss an industry that has transitioned from effective to efficient (goods or services related).   Be sure to be chose an industry and not a company. You may discuss specific companies within your paper in order for you to justify your points. However, your paper should focus around the industry.   As well, please integrate research into your paper in order to validate your points and include any applicable graph, table or chart that may further enhance your paper. Example of industries may include: furniture, energy, appliances, automotive, cell phone, manufacturing, semiconductor, telephone, computer, etc.) I have chosen the cell phone industry.Write a minimum 4 page describing your chosen industry's impact on both the micro and macro economy. Support your thesis with specific observations, dialogue and research:Market StructureMarket powerPricing StrategyProduction costsMonopolistic competition and CompetitionSupply/ Demand domestically/ InternationallyElasticity of Demand/ SupplyBarriers created by the governmentProfits and output levels

Please DO NOT forget to conform to the guidelines above, and those stipulated within the Portfolio RUBRIC, which is attached.

Must be in an MS Word® document using the appropriate APA style, Times New Roman font, 12-point pitch, double spaced with one inch margins all around, paginated, and include citations and a reference page.