In the diffusion lab that we learned a great deal about the cell membrane and passive and active transport. In our lab we discovered that the process that occurred was diffusion through the cell membrane.  Diffusion is the spreading of molecules from a region of high concentration to low concentration. As we worked in the lab we noticed that the way that the molecules iodine and starch was able to transport into the bag which represented the cell membrane , but the substance glucose was not. I think that happened because when the iodine moved into the starch solution there would have been a balanced amount of each in the bag and that's why the two were able diffuse into the cell membrane because the concentration of the solution or water was equal on both molecules. Glucose was unable to enter the cell membrane because the molecules were large and didn't have an equal amount of concentration that's why it moved it instead of moving in the membrane. We saw this process occur when the results came back to my partners and I when the molecules stayed in the beaker overnight for 24 hours and that's how we were able to conclude all this information that we recognized from our results. I think the process of osmosis occurred as well which is the movement of water across a cell membrane from a region of high concentration to low concentration. I've come to the conclusion this happened because once glucose couldn't diffuse into cell membrane that explains that only the water was able to move and that's osmosis water is the only thing that moves or transports and since glucose was unable to it had to be water molecules.  The type of transport that was seen in this lab was passive transport. Passive transport is when molecules are being moved across the membrane but no energy is required or being used. The molecules iodine and starched were moved across into the cell membrane but with no help from enzymes or any form of energy. Throughout this lab, I've learned that the cell membrane is a selectively permeable membrane because it has the ability to let one substance pass through, and is the beholder of what doesn't enter the cell as well. It's very structured for its function in the cell. I've also learned that smaller molecules rather than larger molecules are able to transport faster through the cell membrane. Since the glucose molecule was big it was unable to pass through the cell membrane unlike the smaller molecules iodine and starch which were. That also shows that the cell membrane may control the speed at which molecules are allowed to enter. In conclusion, I've learned that there is a process for everything and some things don't make it into that process. I also learned that the cell is a very complicated structure and has many processes to complete in order for it to run effectively. I really enjoyed this lab and learning more about the cell membrane and other processes that occur within a cell.