It is impossible to write a book that will not offend someone. Whether it\'s bitter war remembrances, negative influences, or heavy topics, books are a way for an author to express their personal opinions. Although few overly concerned parents feel that schools should only include books and topics that are acceptable to everyone, teachers should be permitted to teach controversial novels to students because they have several redeeming qualities and can provide an honest portrayal of events learnt in history.
Several schools use books as a way to teach students about the past. Whether it\'s the war-torn life of a soldier during World War I, the emotional turmoil of a peasant during the French Revolution, or the struggle of a young woman through the Great Depression, books provide a perspective of the world impossible to cover during a normal history lesson. A great example of this is the novel I read in class, All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. The novel itself portrays the main character, Paul, and his struggles in the trenches. Although at first, I was skeptical about the content (it does use several swear words, have inappropriate references in it, and contain a lot of violence), the book itself really helped me understand what was like to be a WWI soldier. It is understandable that parents feel questionable books are a bad influence for their students. However, without the point of views those controversial books provide, such as the perspective of Paul in Remarque\'s novel, it would be difficult for their children to understand the motivations of past peoples.
Although overly apprehensive parents protest books that may impose a negative influence into their children, all they are doing is hiding their students from the world around them. Over the centuries, earth has developed into a highly diverse planet with an uncountable number of views and types of people. By stopping children from reading controversial books, all parents are doing is hiding their children from those issues, forcing them to face them with shock and a lack of knowledge later on in life. Without books to introduce controversial topics, students may feel more anxiety later without the protection of their parents. Due to the views that controversial novels help introduce their children to, it would be a detriment to a student\'s learning to take away teaching those books.
Highly controversial books, although opposed by parents, have several benefits that cannot be overlooked. Not only do they provide a great point of view that can relate to historical content, but they can also introduce disputable topics that are necessary for a child\'s survival in the world. Because of the information that they teach and help they give to learning the past, books with questionable learning material cannot be taken out of school curriculum.