Reputation by its very definition is "the common opinion that people have about someone or something." Reputation is important because it represents how people are thought of based on their actions and behavior. As an individual, your reputation and the image it carries is key. With every move you make, you are validating in the eyes of your community the image consistency of your character. It is essential to care about your reputation because it proves you want to set an impression for yourself. This demonstrates you care for the views amongst others.  In my opinion, reputation is important because I'd never want anyone to think less than highly of me. Your reputation will always be something you can't discard. As much as you would like to avoid it, your reputation will always illustrate the type of person you are. Even when you're dead, your reputation will still be wandering here on this earth.     
Reputation is a great part of everyone's life. Most people desire to have a good reputation in order to be respected by the others in the community.  Although, if you are unsatisfied with the way people think of you as an individual, you have every right to change the way others perceive you. If you wish to be thought of in a different way, it will take you a person to make a drastic change and evolve into your daily life. But ironic enough,  society members have gained that much power to destroy or uplift your reputation. For example, one way your reputation may be altered is if someone spreads rumors about you amongst others in your community, just to destroy your image. But the only way to overcome those false accusations is if you sustain your character and  prove to your community that what others say about you is wrong. Only you have enough power to refine your reputation.
From my point of view, my reputation is valuable to me because I feel that it shapes you into the person you are. When someone hears my name, I want positive thoughts to come to mind.  Although no one knows what goes on behind closed doors, it's your job to incorporate your character into your everyday life. This will prove to people that you are more than what they think of you.  How you set your image plays a big role on reputation. You want to look the part that you are playing, so that means making sure you look good, on the inside and out.  There is nothing wrong with setting a standard for yourself so others can truly see how great and worthy you actually are. Don't give people a reason to discredit your name. Uphold it and make it the best it can be.
Based on my own personal experiences, I don't feel in any way that my reputation has been altered. As mentioned, your behavior and actions translate to your reputation. In result, I try not give society the satisfaction to place dishonor on my image. I've changed my reputation only for the better.  I would describe it as part of growing up and maturing into a better version of yourself. Based on my beliefs, I think it's no reason to change someone's reputation if they want to be viewed a certain way. If that particular person has worked hard enough to build up a status or character, why would I want to be the rain on their parade? In result, I've never tried to change someone else's reputation.
In conclusion, reputation is a great aspect of an individual's life that determines their value in society. Having a clean name is what matters most,  it is more important than even life itself. Reputation is not always the reality, a person with a good reputation is not always trustworthy. It is based on the perspectives of others and society, but not how a person sees themselves. But it's up to you, on who you want to give the power to define your reputation, others or yourself?