Study Title: Brewer and Treyens

Experimenter: Rudraksh Joe DasGupta

Description of Experiment: Testing preexisting subconscious beliefs

In order to participate in this research study, it is necessary that you give your informed consent. By signing this informed consent statement you are indicating that you understand the nature of the research study and your role in that research and that you agree to participate in the research. Please consider the following points before signing:
I understand that I am participating in psychological research;
I understand that my identity will not be linked with my data, and that all information I provide will remain confidential;
I understand that I will be provided with an explanation of the research in which I participated.
I understand that certain facts about the study might be withheld from me, and the researchers might not, initially, tell me the true or full purpose of the study. However, the complete facts and true purpose of the study will be revealed to me at the completion of the study session.
I understand that participation in research is not required, is voluntary, and that, after any individual research project has begun, I may refuse to participate further without penalty.
By signing this form I am stating that I am 16 years of age or older, and that I understand the above information and consent to participate in this study being conducted at the Stony Point High School. If I am not 16 years of age or older I must have a parent signature in order to participate.

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