The Odyssey

Word Count: 759

During the night Odysseus tosses and turns, worrying about
the outcome of his encounter with the suitor. Athena appears
to himin a dream and promises that he will aid in the struggle.
Penelope also unable to sleep and prays to Artemis, begging
that she be rescued from marriage to another man, even if it
means her death. In the morning Odysseus appeals to Zeus
for a sign of his favor and is answered by the rumbling of
thunder and lightning. Others notice the sign and a general
mood of imminant danger sets in. Odysseus observes the
behavior of his servants to identify the faithful. Melanthius
arrives with the goats for the banquet and persists in
harasses Odysseus. Eumaeus comes to the place, driving the
hogs for the slaughter, demonstrating his goodness. Another
loyal servant, Philoetius, the chief cowherd, arrives from the
mainland. The suitors, again plotting to assassinate
Telemachus, eventually return to the place. As they lunch,
Ctesippus insults Odysseus and throws a bone at him.
Telemachus is outraged and gives a scolding to the suitors in
which he lists all the bad stuff they have done.. His
unexpected boldness shocks the group, but they are drunk
and laugh at his warnings. , Theclymenus cautions them that
a catastrophe is impending in which they will suffer for their
evil ways, but they mock the him until he leaves the palace in
a rage. The suitors continue to drink, and dont heed the
warning. New Charters: Philoitios - the cattle foreman
Vocabulary banter v. - to speak to or address in a witty and
teasing manner. lustrous adj. - radiant in character or
reputation. dregs n. - the most undesirable part stint n. - a
definite quantity of work assigned coverlets n. - bedspread
saunter v. - to walk about in an idle or leisurely manner
hulking adj. - massive sardonic adj. - disdainfully or
skeptically humorous : derisively mocking jeered v. - to
speak or cry out with derision or mockery braying v. - to
crush or grind fine Epic Conventions Epic Similies p. 411 -
line 14 “as a bitch mounting over her weak, defenseless
puppies growls, facing a stranger, bristling for a showdown-
so he growled from his depths, hackles rising at their
outrage.” p.411 - 28 “as a cook before some white-hot
blazing fire who rolls his sizzling saussage back and fourth,
packed with fatand blood- keen to broil it quickly, tossing,
turning it, this was, that way- so he cast about” Supernatural
Involvment In this book the gods are constantly involved.
Once, when Athena visits Odyssues in a dream to tell him
that she favors him. A second time, when they pray to Zeus
and he makes lightning and thunder, and a thrid time, when
Theoklymenos, the visionary, sees blood running down the
walls and ghosts crowding the courtyard and entryway. The
first 2 accounts are only supernatural involvement if you
consider intervention by the gods supernatural. Archetypal
Themes What does it mean to be an adult? Throughout the
book Telemachus shows traits of being grown up. When he
is mocked by the suitors, he doesnt react in the way that a
child would, he simply, keeps it to himself. What is the
relationship of men to God? God and the gods are always
protecting man. Athen and Zeus are going to protect
Odysseus, showing the the gods care for the best intrest of
man. Is man free? Man he the freedom of choice, but he is
not totally free, because the gods intervene with each
situation, not having men make the own decision 100%.
What is the ralationship between men and women? In this
book, Penelope, has to make a decision of which sutior to
choose. In the begining of the book, it describes Odysseus
tossing are turning at the thought of Penelope sleeping
upstairs alone, showing that he cares for her. What is the
role of suffering in out lives? To fully live life we must suffer
to really see what the world is about, becuase with the bad
come good and viceverse. Throughtout this book and the
rest of the stoy, Odyesseus strugles with the different issues.
In this book being the impending catastrophe. What are the
heroic qualities that set man apart from other men? In this
book the qualities displayed by Odyseus that he care for the
well being of everyone else, shows that he is a true hero.
Whats man’s responsibility to other men? Man is support to
look out for the best intrests of his fellow man, as Odysseus
does when he prays to have the protected. What is the
nature of good and evil? As in the traditional good and evil
relationship, good will