The pattern for growth during infancy is described as rapid. A serpehal cortel pattern and proximal distal growth.
Physical: Weight gain, motor development, crawling. Social: Smiling, sharing, copying peers. Emotional: able to be comforted, emotional attachment, expression of feelings. Intellectual: Recognises its name, longer attention span, learning to speak.
At 6 months, a baby begins to recognise facial expressions and faces, the infant becomes surprised by the hands being removed from the face allowing them to see the facial expression.
The pulse may have gained and colour returning to normal. This could be because the amniotic fluid is being expelled from the body allowing a steady oxygen intake.
A) Parental influence, genetics, physical environment, social impacts, teratogens, behavioural determinants, social determinants, nutrition. B)
Because parents provide an example of set social norms and social skills along with comfort when the infant is in pain or distress.