Triumph of the Will: A Portrait of Propaganda
Taylor Brackins

Conformity is a process in which people’s behaviors, beliefs, appearance, etc. are influenced by other people, society, or groups. People allow themselves to be influenced because they want to be accepted or “fit in” with other people. There are times where conformity can be useful in society, but it is usually very dangerous. Throughout life people conform in many different ways, whether it be positive or negative.
Conformity can be useful in society. Conforming is positive in regards to social “norms”, such as shaking hands, manners, appearance. A person who conforms to these social standards are more likely to be accepted in various social settings. Conformity can also be dangerous. For example, most children conform later on in their teenager years. These teenagers turn to alcohol, drugs, or sex because they feel like the rest of their peers are doing it. Most people would conform to be included or to feel a sense of safety. Another example of conformity is Nazi Germany. Millions of people conformed and followed Hitler. Hitler gave people a sense of unity and purpose. People also feared being out casted or even killed, if they did not conform to the Nazi’s beliefs. Hitler convinced those people that the Jewish people was standing in the way of their “renewed German greatness”. Life in Germany was rough at that time and people were willing to blame it on the Jews, if Hitler could turn the situation around. He was the leader of their country, so why would they go against him? He was probably the most looked up to man in Germany at the time. Of course, the people of Germany followed him and supported the things he believes. When a person is in a position of power, people are more likely to follow their lead because he or she feels like those people are important or intelligent.
Some people compare Hitler’s hold over his people to the rise and popularity of current Presidential contender Donald Trump. I think this analogy is very reasonable. Donald Trump has blamed other races, mainly Mexican immigrants, as America’s main problem. Hitler also claimed that other races, mainly Jewish people, were ruining Germany. At several points throughout Trump’s Presidential race, he has claimed that people in poor communities the main victims of illegal immigration, often losing their jobs to illegal immigrates. Hitler claimed that the Jewish people stole jobs from the people of Germany and promised to help the poor prosper. A large part of Donald Trump’s campaign is based on race, which in turn appeals to mainly white people who are racist. The Nazi Party was made up of mainly white people. There are too many similarities in this analogy to claim that it is unreasonable.