War Of The Worlds...Compare Contrast

Word Count: 279

There are many similarities and differences between the book version
of War of the Worlds and the movie version. One main difference between
the two stories was the place in which the Martians landed first. In the book
the Martians landed in England first, but in the movie the Martians landed in
California. Another difference was the time period in which the stories took
place. In the novel it was a few years from the end of the 19th century.
While in the movie World Wars I and II had already passed. Last, the
weapons used to try to stop the Martians were different because of the
different time periods. In the movie an atomic bomb was dropped on the
invaders but in the book all mankind used was cannons and rifles.
Despite the differences in the stories there were also many similarities.
When a streak of light ran across the sky and crashed into the earth the
people in both stories had thought is was a meteor. Many people were
curious about the meteors and soon found out that the meteors were the
invading Martians. When the Martians came out of their cylinders in both
stories they attacked the first humans they saw with their deadly heat rays. In
the movie and the novel our most powerful weapons had no effect on the
foreign creatures. Finally, when the fate of mankind seemed doomed forever
the Martians in both stories died from a bacteria in the atmosphere that they
were not immune to. As you can see there are many similarities and
differences between the movie version of War of the Worlds and the book