Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Word Count: 613

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a remarkable
musician and composer. Mozart was born in
Salzburg Austria in 1756. By the age of four it
was evident that he possessed tremendous
musical talent and music memory. His father
Leopold who was a master violinist and
composer decided to enroll young Wolfgang in
harpsichord lessons. At age five Mozart was
composing music and by age six he had mastered
the keyboard. By his early teens, he had
mastered the piano, violin, and harpsichord and
was writing symphonies and operas.

Amadeus is a drama of the 18th century in
Vienna Austria, starring Tom Hulce as Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart, Murray Abraham as Salieri,
Elizabeth Berridge as Constanze Mozart, and
Jeffery Jones as Emperor Joseph II. It is a
biographical film that is as much about Salieri as
it is about Mozart. Amadeus is a portrait of
Salieri and the overwhelming jealousy he had for
Mozart. From the time Salieri was a little boy he
was consumed by music. He wanted nothing
more but to be a legend in the music world, but
Mozart is portrayed as a college preppy who is
rude, arrogant and extremely talented. Although
he is extremely talented it is also obvious he
wants to be a common man in society.

After attempting to commit suicide Antonio
Salieri finds himself in a mental institution. He
once was a court composer for Emperor Joseph
II. He had written forty operas of his own and
Mozart was his living idol. Unlike Mozartísí
father, Salieriís father did not like music and did
not support his efforts. While a patient in the
institution the story of Amadeus is related by
Salieri to a priest. He tells him of his jealousy for
Mozart and his distrust of God, because God
gave Mozart all the talent and did not pass that
talent to him.

Salieriís downfall occurred when Mozart was
invited to the royal manner of Emperor Joseph II
and simply astounded everyone. Salieri is
immediately overwhelmed with jealousy. Mozart
seems to lead a rebellious life but his operatic
works simply overwhelmed the royalty and
higher ups.

At age twenty-six Mozart married Constanze
against his fathers will. After his marriage,
finances were extremely tight, due to the fact he
was a poor businessman he eventually led a life
of poverty. Due to the fact his wife Constanze
was subjected to a plot of sabotage by selling
Mozartís music to Salieri. When she became
pregnant the lady that stayed with them and
cared for the family was also involved in an
attempt to pass his music on to Salieri. Both
attempts were quite risky since Mozart never
made additional copies of his works. Prior to the
birth of their first child Mozartís father moved in
with them. He and his father never had a good
relationship and this was obvious after his father
passed away. Mozart carried the guilt of his
fatherís death and this was typified by the writing
of a requiem that is almost intimidating.

In comparing the customs of that time period to
that of today it is very obvious, the operas and
symphonies were attended only by royalty and
the very elite. While wigs were a societal emblem
signifying wealth and royalty.

At age thirty-five Mozart passed away. In
probably my favorite scene, on his deathbed
Mozart dictates the music in his head to Salieri.
This scene alone portrays his genius IQ level.

In his short life he composed over 600 works,
including 21 stage and opera works, 15 masses,
over 50 symphonies, 25 piano concertos, 12
violin concertos, 27 concert arias, 17 piano
sonatas, 26 string quartets, the list is never

I really didnít feel there was a plot to the film,
like some people I donít understand opera and at
the first I was lost. The music plays a very
important role in the movie, but I thought there
was too much. There is a scene in the first act
that describes my feelings of the movie, after
Emperor Joseph II had watched his first Mozart
opera, he said he liked it but there were too many
notes. The movie was well done but I didnít
understand what the point was.