Wow! By just taking a look at this astonishing oil painting one can easily
deduct that this paint is made by a wonderful technique; the painter draws
exceedingly detailed graphite drawings and spreads this drawing with a
beautiful layer of oil and acrylic paint which makes this painting looks
magnificent. This piainting shows a girl who showings determination and
motive. The painter was able to capture the human emotion and energy in
this painting which is extremely awesome. The girl in the painting shows no
face of remorse or regret but a face that is fearless.

The color of this painting represents his enthusiastic portraits, making
the fierce or fearless warriors he paints become animated. The painter of
this oil painting will be one who draws motivation from various sources:
from music to different societies, from energy to the passion and belief
that lives inside the girls individuals. I think he makes an incredible job
catching that raw, human energy in his work!

This painting work deals with highly detailed graphite underdrawings which
he then paints with colorful washes in oil and acrylic paints as seen
above. The colors used in this painting is such a good choice made by the
painter. The combination of red, brown and white colors makes this painting
a highly professional oil painting. The ability of the painter to cature
this red haired girl with her emotions is something that is truly
extraordinary. In addition to painting, the process of painting this
masterpiece shows the unique style of the painter work.

This painting shows impressionalism! This amazing painting shows the
perfect uses of pencil drawing, oil and acrylic paints to create these
intense faces of this girl in the painting. Taking a deep look at the
painting, it feels like she has a secret. When I saw this painting I was
very intrigued. I think part of what makes this painting so special is that
he draws his inspiration and the energy around us.

The blending of the colors on the painting is extraordinary! Smoothing the
edges of the multiple colors together so that they have a smooth gradation
where they meet on the oil painting is something marvelous. His hauntingly
gorgeous oil painting mesmerize, inspire, completely enrapture my wild
imagination and never fail to weave an intricate story through my mind. The
composition of the painting is just perfect. The painting indicates
individuals can make alot of impressions by their face.